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Vacuuming Your Splash Pool

Summer is here and a Splash Pool is the place to be! Whether you’ve purchased the Splash SuperPool, Omega Pool, Alpha or have one of the older model Legend SplashPools, it’s important to keep your pool sparkling clear and ready for a summer pool bash. Vaccuming your pool isn’t a hard job but it can be tricky. In this article we offer tips and tricks to making the chore of pool cleaning a breeze.

To vacuum your SplashPool, you may either use an automatic cleaner or the traditional manual method. If you choose the manual method, you will need a 1.5″ flexible vacuum hose of adequate length, a vinyl liner vacuum head, and a telescopic pole.

Begin by turning pump and filter off, then place vacuum hose on vacuum head or automatic cleaner. Place vacuum (either auto cleaner or vinyl vacuum head attached to end of telescopic pole) in pool, allowing hose to fill with water. Continue to “feed” hose straight down into water, thus removing air from the hose and replacing it with water. Once you get to the end of the hose, water will come out. Turn pump and filter on and begin vacuuming.

Automatic Vacuuming

With the pump turned off, place the Vacuum Adapter Plate (“N” on SuperPools, “L” on OmegaPools) on top of the Floating Skimmer Weir (“J” on SuperPools, “H” on OmegaPools). Once the pump is turned on, the suction of the pump will hold the plate in place.

Attach vacuum hose into adapter plate hole. Again, pump suction will hold hose in place. Turn on the pump and filter; the pool is now ready to be vacuumed. The automatic vacuum will run on its own. When pool is clean, turn off pump and filter, unplug vacuum hose, remove vacuum, and remove adapter plate. This is a good time to empty
any debris from the Skimmer Basket (“L” on SuperPools, “J” on OmegaPools). Finally, turn pump back on to continue filtering.

WARNING: Do not attempt to remove or install the
vacuum plate while pump and filter are running. The
suction is very powerful;  fingers may get pinched
between the vacuum plate and the skimmer.

DO NOT swim in the pool while vacuum is running.

WARNING: Keep body parts away from vacuum plate  when in place and pump and filter are running.

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