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Strength Training Options For Swimmers

With summer coming up and plenty of opportunities to hit the beach and get in the water, it’s a great time to modify your workout to include strength training for swimming. Developing key swimming muscles will let you stay out in the water longer and have more fun at the beach – plus it’s great to look toned when you’ve got your shirt off in the summer sun!
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Olympic Swimmers

Anyone who watched the 2012 Olympics in London (whether in person or on T.V.) witnessed the world’s best athletes who have punished their bodies in order to represent their sport and their country. Athletes from 204 countries participated over a two week period pushing physical and mental limits in hopes of winning a medal for the country they love.
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Why Weight Training Is So Beneficial To Swimmers

Just like any other sport, a swimmer’s ability to cut through the water is enhanced by strong, lean muscles. In addition to it being beneficial for strong muscles, both dry land and underwater strength training are a necessary addition to any swimmers routine in order to increase bone strength. Because swimming is a non weight-bearing exercise, it does not naturally help build bone strength.
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What New Masters Swimmers Need To Know

One of the biggest steps you will ever take as an adult swimmer is to join a masters swim team or to at least work out with one. Most people don’t have a lot of confidence in their swimming skills, even if they swam as youngsters, so joining a team as an adult can be pretty daunting. Here is some information that can help you transition into a new team easily, and do so without finding yourself breaking any of those unwritten rules that many teams have.
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