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SplashPool 1 HP Replacement Pump And Motor

This is the 1 HP replacement pump and motor for Splash Superpools.
It will replace the pump-motor on the PRC-75 or the PLM-150.

Splash Pools has changed to the Pentair OptiFlo pumps for above ground pools which feature a revolutionary design that delivers dependable high flow performance. The OptiFlo pump features a 48 frame-thru bolt motor, easy access to change the discharge port position, service the impeller, and an innovative Cam and Ramp lid. The SplashPools Pentair OptiFlo pump is available with 3ft. cord.

Requires Union Assembly for PLM150 NEW STYLE For Optiflo Pump Found HERE

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Union Assembly for PLM150 NEW STYLE For Vertical Pump

Pentair Union for Optiflo Pump
Union Assembly for PLM150 NEW STYLE For Vertical Pump PAC-10-7985
With Adapters

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Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed Pump

Hayward EcoStar is the industry’s most energy efficient variable speed pump. The totally enclosed, permanent magnet motor combined with its advanced hydraulic design provides unparalleled energy savings. EcoStar is easily installed either as a programmable stand-alone pump or with a Hayward or third party controller and features an easy-to-use digital control interface that can be mounted in four different positions on the pump or removed and mounted on the wall for total user convenience. The EcoStar SVRS model provides an added layer of protection from suction entrapment without additional devices, plumbing or wiring.
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Executive 4hp Pump 230v 2 Speed 56 Frame 2in OEM

WaterWay Executive 56 Frame 2 in Pump Complete 4HP 230V 2-Speed
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