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Spring Sale – Save 10% for a Limited Time

Hello Splash SuperPool Parts Customers,

Please pardon the intrusion, but we only email a couple times a year to let our valued customers know about special savings, and this is one of those times. Our suppliers are sure to be sending us price increases in the next few months and we plan to beat them to the punch and give you a heads up on their plans. Frankly, they do this every year.
We’re offering everything in the store at a 10% savings for a LIMITED TIME. Including Splash SuperPool Parts.
The next sale won’t be until our Memorial Day Sale on May 28 – 31st.
The time to save and get ready for the swimming pool season is NOW at SplashPoolParts.com .

Our New Facebook Page – 947 LIKES So far! Thank You All SO MUCH!
We’re so happy and proud of our new Facebook Page!
We managed to get a great address too! Please help us get 1000 Likes.
Do check it out, and please give us a like so we can help more people keep their SplashPool Swimming pools clean and functional through all the beautiful summer months to come. And so you can be alerted to special savings only offered on our Facebook page.
Our Facebook Page also provides quick and easy access to our most requested products as well as articles and videos pertaining to Swimming Pool maintenance, purchases, safety etc. So please take a minute and click around and check back often as our Social network continues to grow.

Hot Tub & Spa Parts
We have a great supplier for Hot Tub & Spa parts. Their technical support, combined with our customer support, is a WIN, WIN for our customers who want to keep their spa working at optimum efficiencies.

Visit Or Blog
We continue to update our blog with the latest news and information regarding SplashPool Swimming Pools and their upkeep and maintenance.
Please feel free to contribute to the conversation if you find you can relate in any way to the on going threads. We have a lot of fun discussions going on at any given time.

What happened to your Twitter?
Well, for some reason we have had to petition the good folks at twitter to reconsider blocking us.
A lot of Internet Businesses in our building have been suspended from Twitter as well.
We are checking out their rules and asking for explanation but I see it could take some time.
For anyone following @SplashPoolParts be assured we will be back and giving up to the minute news about swimming pools.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the sale, and smell that fresh spring air…
Mike, Sara and the gang,
At http://SplashPoolParts.com

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Splash Pool Covers on Sale 10% Off!

SplashPoolParts.com is offering 10% off all pool covers, including solar pool covers and winter pool covers. Now is the time to get your SplashPool ready for winter.  Splash Pool owners in areas where it doesn’t snow might want to consider the solar cover for their Splash Pool. Solar covers use the heat of the sun to warm the water and keep the bugs out of the pool. The solar cover reel comes in two adjustable sizes, 18 ft solar cover reel. and  the 24 ft. solar cover reel, to fit any of the solar covers.

The winter Splash Pool covers protect your pool from leaves and other debris in the cooler months that you aren’t using your pool. Can be used anytime of the year that you want to limit the access to your pool. Winter pool covers come in all sizes to fit perfectly on you Splash Super Pool, Splash Omega, and the Alpha Splash pools.

If you have any questions or need help finding parts for your Splash Pool, please email us at info@SplashPoolParts.com or call us 866-585-2380.

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StaRite 150 Cartridge on Sale

The StaRite 150 1 HP 150 Sq Ft Pump and Filter lets you enjoy CAREFREE MAINTENANCE! With Sta-Rite’s System 3 Modular Media Pool Filters unique design, you can look forward to season-free maintenance every year. Holds 50 Times More Dirt Than A Sand Filter Less Cleaning Needed – Gathers and holds more dirt so you clean less often. Opens Easily, the split tank design allows for convenient access for cleaning or changing filter media. Designed For Safety, the use of Posi-Lok Clamps enables safe, easy access to filter. Durable, Lightweight And Corrosion Resistant, Dura-Glas Exterior landscape friendly. Sleek, black tank profile blends well into any landscape design.

SplashPoolParts.com is offering the StaRite 150 replacement cartridge on sale!  If you need help finding the right part for your Splash Pool, please email us at info@SplashPoolParts.com or call us M-F, 8-5 pacific time 866-585-2380 and we’ll be happy to help you find the right parts for your Splash Pool!

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Free Splash Pool Manual

SplashPoolParts.com is happy to offer the manual for all SplashPools for free in PDF format. Please click HERE for the Splash Pool owners manual.

The Splash free manual includes the SuperPool parts list, installing the filter system, installing the skimmer, filling and starting the pool. Omega parts list, assembly instructions, vacuuming your Splash Pool, winterizing your SplashPool, and ladder assembly instructions.

A few things the manufacturer recommend you do before assembling your Splash Pool. be sure that you have an area that is smooth, level and 4 feet larger than the pool you’re assembling. Remove all sticks, rocks, and any sharp objects. Remove and cap off any sprinkler heads, fill voids, depressions or hollows with dirt or sand. Any areas filled with dirt or sand must be compacted prior to  installation of your pool. If you are installing your SuperPool on dirt, sand, or grass, we recommend that you place a plastic sheet or foam pad between your pool and the ground. Splash SuperPools are portable swimming pools, and as a result, most localities do not require the homeowner to obtain any permits. However, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to meet all applicable safety-health codes and zoning regulations.


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