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SplashPoolParts.com offers the complete line of replacement parts for the Splash SuperPool. We’re offering all order of $50 or more FREE SHIPPING!

The Super Pool, the standard for the ever-growing structurally-supported above-ground pool market, is the fruit of a commitment to innovation which has been on-going for more than 30 years and tested in extreme conditions around the world. Each Splash Pool SuperPool, like all Splash Pool products, is manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen in the United States and Italy.
The seven standard different sizes available give you the opportunity to choose the right size pool to meet your personal needs.

Splash Pools has built pools as small as 4’ x 4’ and as large as 108’ x 312’, along with many imaginable sizes in-between. The same Super Pool used in your backyard has been used for various special and dynamic activities all over the world. SplashPoolParts.com offers a complete line of high quality accessories, skimmers and vacuums, filters, Sand System Filtration, pool covers, pool ladders, and so much more to compliment your Splash Super Pool. Please click on any of the highlighted words and you’ll be taken to our online shopping cart. If you don’t see what you’re looking for please email us at info@SplashPoolParts.com or call us M-F, 8-5 pacific time 866-585-2380 and we’ll be happy to help you find the right parts for your Splash Pool.


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Spring Splash Pool Cleanup

Vacuuming Your Splash SuperPool
WARNING: Do not attempt to remove or install the swimming pool vacuum plate while pump and filter are running. The suction is very powerful; fingers may get pinched between the vacuum plate and the skimmer.
DO NOT swim in the pool while vacuum is running.
WARNING: Keep body parts away from vacuum plate when in place and pump and filter are running.
To vacuum your pool, you may either use an automatic cleaner or the traditional manual method. If you choose the manual method, you will need a 1.5″ flexible pool vacuum hose of adequate length, a vinyl liner vacuum head, and a telescopic pole.
Begin by turning pump and swimming pool filter off, then place vacuum hose on vacuum head or automatic cleaner. Place vacuum (either auto cleaner or vinyl vacuum head attached to end of telescopic pole) in pool, allowing hose to fill with water. Continue to feed hose straight down into water, thus removing air from the hose and replacing it with water. Once you get to the end of the hose, water will come out. Turn swimming pool pump and pool filter on and begin vacuuming your pool.

Automatic Vacuuming
With the pump turned off, place the Vacuum Adapter Plate (“N” on SuperPools, “L” on OmegaPools) on top of the Floating Skimmer Weir (“J” on SuperPools, “H” on OmegaPools). Once the pump is turned on, the suction of the pump will hold the plate in place.
Attach vacuum hose into adapter plate hole. Again, pump suction will hold hose in place. Turn on the pump and filter; the pool is now ready to be vacuumed. The automatic vacuum will run on its own. When pool is clean, turn off pump and filter, unplug vacuum hose, remove vacuum, and remove adapter plate. This is a good time to empty any debris from the Skimmer Basket (“L” on SuperPools, “J” on OmegaPools). Finally, turn pump back on to continue filtering.

Vacuum Kits and accesories are available at SplashPoolParts.com. A complete line of factory parts and accessories for your Splash Pool swimming pools, wading pools, lap pools, Hot Tubs and spas including: pool ladders, solar & winter pool covers, skimmers and vacuums, hoses and all replacement parts for SuperPools, Omega Splash Pools, Alpha Splash Pools, Legend Splash Pools and MUCH MUCH more! Each of our replacement parts and accessories have been chosen to accompany your splash super pools, above ground swimming pool, spas, and will enhance your backyard living experience!
Our highly skilled customer service representatives are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day! Our mission statement is simple – SplashPoolParts.com still believes in excellent customer service! If you have questions regarding any of our products , or need help placing an order please feel free to call us – toll free – 866-585-2380 OR email us at: info@splashpoolparts.com
SplashPoolsParts.com is committed to preserving the privacy of all visitors to our website at splashpoolparts.com. Please read the following privacy policy to understand how we use and protect the information that you provide to us.
By registering or placing an order on this website, you consent to the collection, use and transfer of your information under the terms of this policy.

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Summer Splash Savings!

Congratulations on the purchase of your Splash SuperPool!
A few notes prior to assembly. . .
Be sure that you have an area that is smooth, level and 4 feet larger than the pool to assemble your SuperPool. Remove all sticks, rocks, and any sharp objects. Remove and cap off any sprinkler heads, fill voids, depressions, or hollows with dirt or sand. Any areas filled with dirt or sand must be compacted prior to installation of your pool.
If you are installing your SuperPool on dirt, sand, or grass, we recommend that you place a plastic sheet or foam pad between your pool and the ground.
Splash SuperPools are portable swimming pools, and as a result, most localities do not require the homeowner to obtain any permits. However, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to meet all applicable safety/health codes and zoning regulations.

Should you ever need additional part for your Splash Pool, please visit our site www.SplashPoolParts.com

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