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Complete Skimmer Assembly

Complete Skimmer Assembly

Complete Skimmer Assembly

This is the complete skimmer assembly for any Splash pool made after 1998 with the exception of the Alpha. (If you have an earlier Splash Pool – 1998 and older, or if your skimmer is the type with a chain,┬áthen you will need the Skimmer Conversion Kit, found HERE.) This kit includes the top half, bottom half, basket, hold-down hose, suction hose and a vac plate.

If you need ONLY the bottom portion of the skimmer please click HERE

Skimmer Installation – From inside the pool, screw hose from bottom of Skimmer (M) into the Intake Wall Fitting, and hand- tighten. No Teflon tape is required. Note: use soapy water to slide hose onto bottom of skimmer. Next, screw the short hose from the side of the Skimmer into the Skimmer Hold Down Fitting (K). Again, hand-tighten. Screw the Eyeball Fitting (P) into the Return Wall Fitting. Note that “hose side” is imprinted on the 90 Degree Fitting for your convenience. Now is when the person inside the pool will want to get out.

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