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Cleaning Your Swimming Pool Filter and Pump Basket

Over time (from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how much the pool is used and environmental conditions), your filter will require cleaning. You might notice a loss of suction when vacuuming or an increase in filter gauge pressure. You should clean the filter when the pressure increases 8-10 lbs. above the filter’s initial start-up

A. Sand Filter
1. Begin by shutting off power to the system.
2. Move the lever at top of filter from “filter mode” to “backwash mode”.
3. Turn power to the system back on.
4. Continue to backwash until waste water becomes clear. Note: It is a good idea to attach a hose to the backwash outlet of the filter. Run the hose to an area where the water will drain away. Also, be sure the water level remains high enough so as not to lose the prime.
5. When waste water is clear, shut off power to the system.
6. Turn lever back to the “filter mode” setting.
7. Turn pump and filter back on.

B. Cartridge Filter
1. Begin by shutting off power to the system.
2. Close the Ball Valve.
3. Screw a Threaded Plug (found in separate plastic bag) into Return Wall Fitting from the inside of the pool.
4. Open Air Relief Valve.
5. Remove the lid from the Filter Canister.
6. Lift out the Cartridge Filter and clean with a garden hose.
7. Clean Filter Canister by removing Drain Plug at base of filter. Replace plug.
8. Replace Filter Element and reattach lid.

C. Pump Basket
1. Remove pump lid and clean pump basket. Replace lid.
2. Open Ball Valve, remove Threaded Plug from Return Wall Fitting, and close Air Relief Valve.
3. Turn power to the system back on.

WARNING: Pump must be shut off when cleaning

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