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Free Splash Pool Manual

SplashPoolParts.com is happy to offer the manual for all SplashPools for free in PDF format. Please click HERE for the Splash Pool owners manual.

The Splash free manual includes the SuperPool parts list, installing the filter system, installing the skimmer, filling and starting the pool. Omega parts list, assembly instructions, vacuuming your Splash Pool, winterizing your SplashPool, and ladder assembly instructions.

A few things the manufacturer recommend you do before assembling your Splash Pool. be sure that you have an area that is smooth, level and 4 feet larger than the pool you’re assembling. Remove all sticks, rocks, and any sharp objects. Remove and cap off any sprinkler heads, fill voids, depressions or hollows with dirt or sand. Any areas filled with dirt or sand must be compacted prior to  installation of your pool. If you are installing your SuperPool on dirt, sand, or grass, we recommend that you place a plastic sheet or foam pad between your pool and the ground. Splash SuperPools are portable swimming pools, and as a result, most localities do not require the homeowner to obtain any permits. However, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to meet all applicable safety-health codes and zoning regulations.


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Omega Pool Parts List

Splash Omega Pool – the round pool made by Splash Pool. Below is the parts list for the OmegaPool. If you would like to download the complete manual for all SplashPools, please click HERE. If you have questions or need parts for your Splash Super Pool, Splash Alpha Pool, or Legend Splash Pool, please email us at info@SplashPoolParts.com or call us M-F, 8-5 pacific time 866-585-2380.

SplashPoolParts.com is offering free shipping to the contiguous United States on orders over $50

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Splash Pool Manual and Parts List

SplashPoolParts.com has manuals for the Splash line of above ground pools. By clicking HERE you will be taken to our online shopping cart where you can download the manual and parts lists for Splash Super Pool, Alpha Pools, Omega Pools.

We also have the manual for the 21 inch Sand Filtration System, the Splash Auto Vacuum, Splash PRC75 manual and much more!

We feature manufacturer’s parts for Splash Pools exclusively. Don’t be fooled by foreign made parts for your Splash Pool!

If you have questions please email us at info@SplashPoolParts.com or call us M-F 866-585-2380. We’ll be happy to help you find the right parts for your Splash Pool or filter system!

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Installing the Circulation System for Your Splash Pool

1. Wall Fitting Installation — Install the two Wall Fittings (H) at the locations labeled “intake” and “return”. Also install the Skimmer Hold Down Fitting (K) in its marked location. Each of these three fittings has two rubber and one paper gasket. These should be positioned as in the diagram above.No thread sealer or Teflon tape is required.

2. Skimmer Installation — From inside the pool, screw hose from bottom of Skimmer (M) into the Intake Wall Fitting, and hand- tighten. No Teflon tape is required. Note: use soapy water to slide hose onto bottom of skimmer. Next, screw the short hose from the side of the Skimmer into the Skimmer Hold Down Fitting (K). Again, hand-tighten. Screw the Eyeball Fitting (P) into the Return Wall Fitting. *Note that “hose side” is imprinted on the 90 Degree Fitting for your convenience. Now is when the person inside the pool will want to get out.

3. Pump and Filter Installation — Please refer to the directions supplied by the manufacturer of your pump and filter.

NOTE: The 17′ x 29.5′ SuperPool has holes for an optional extra skimmer. If you choose not to use an extra skimmer, use the supplied Wall Fittings and plugs to seal holes.

WARNING: The circulation system produces
very strong suction. NEVER lay on or insert
body parts into the skimmer. Always turn off
pump before working on the skimmer.

4. Tighten Fittings – Make sure all fittings connecting the pump and filter are tight.

5. Tape – Wrap Teflon tape on the threads of the Ball Valve (O) going into the Wall Fitting (H) and screw tightly into the
Intake Wall Fitting.

6. Attach Hoses – (Be sure to use only Teflon tape on all Threaded Fittings. Do not use the Teflon tape, however, on the hose side of the Threaded Fittings. DO NOT USE PIPE SEALANT.) Take one of the hoses and attach one end (H) to the Ball Valve (O) using a Gasket. Take the other end (I) and attach it to the suction side of the pump and filter with a Threaded Nipple and a Gasket. Note that “hose side” is imprinted on the Threaded Nipple for your convenience. Once sealed, hose will not spin. Next, attach one end (I) of the second hose to the Return Wall Fitting (H) with a Gasket. Twist the threaded elbow into the Wall Fitting before attaching the hose. Then take the other end (I) and attach it with a Threaded Nipple and a Gasket to the Filter Canister. It is helpful to twist the Threaded Nipple into the Filter Canister before the hose. DO NOT USE PIPE SEALANT. Make sure all connections are tight.

7. Warning Label – Affix the Warning Label on the pool liner at the Top Rail next to the Floating Skimmer. If the Floating Weir and the internal basket of the Skimmer are removed, the resultant strong suction can trap hair or other body parts if they are inserted into the skimmer. Due to this potential hazard, we are recommending that you affix the Warning Label.

WARNING: NEVER work on pump, filter, or
skimmer while pump is operating or serious
injury could occur due to strong suction.

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