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Free Splash Pool Manual

SplashPoolParts.com is happy to offer the manual for all SplashPools for free in PDF format. Please click HERE for the Splash Pool owners manual.

The Splash free manual includes the SuperPool parts list, installing the filter system, installing the skimmer, filling and starting the pool. Omega parts list, assembly instructions, vacuuming your Splash Pool, winterizing your SplashPool, and ladder assembly instructions.

A few things the manufacturer recommend you do before assembling your Splash Pool. be sure that you have an area that is smooth, level and 4 feet larger than the pool you’re assembling. Remove all sticks, rocks, and any sharp objects. Remove and cap off any sprinkler heads, fill voids, depressions or hollows with dirt or sand. Any areas filled with dirt or sand must be compacted prior to  installation of your pool. If you are installing your SuperPool on dirt, sand, or grass, we recommend that you place a plastic sheet or foam pad between your pool and the ground. Splash SuperPools are portable swimming pools, and as a result, most localities do not require the homeowner to obtain any permits. However, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to meet all applicable safety-health codes and zoning regulations.


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