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Hand Paddles Explained

A swim paddle is a plastic device that is worn on or held in the hands while swimming to enhance training results. Essentially, wearing hand paddles can feel a bit like adding rigid webbing to your fingers.
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4 Remarkable Features of TYR Swimming Goggles

TYR Swimming Goggles are one of the leading brands of swimming goggles for competitive swimmers, and are highly reputed around the world. But many people do not know exactly what sets them apart from the other top brands. Learn all about the four unique qualities of TYR Goggles that have earned the brand a special place in the market for both competitive and recreational swimming goggles.
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Why Weight Training Is So Beneficial To Swimmers

Just like any other sport, a swimmer’s ability to cut through the water is enhanced by strong, lean muscles. In addition to it being beneficial for strong muscles, both dry land and underwater strength training are a necessary addition to any swimmers routine in order to increase bone strength. Because swimming is a non weight-bearing exercise, it does not naturally help build bone strength.
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How Swimming With Music Can Make Working Out Easier

Most people think of swimming as a pretty solitary sport and when you hear people like Michael Phelps describe their training, all you hear is about the thousands of laps that they do, “looking at the black line”. While there is certainly a lot of reasons why Phelps would get bored with swimming, the truth is that it is a lot of fun for some of us still and by incorporating an underwater MP3 player into your workout, it can be even more enjoyable.
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