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How to Winterize an Above Ground Pool

6. Lower the water level below the mouth of the skimmer. Sand and DE filters with multiport valves should backwash the filter first very well to clean the filter out. Lowering the water will get the water out of the skimmer throat which could be damaged by freezing water over the winter. Remove skimmer basket(s) and pump basket. Install gizmo into skimmer and an aquador winter faceplate can snap onto the skimmer plate over the mouth of the skimmer to protect water from entering the lines.
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Front Crawl: How To Swim With Effortless Ease

Swimming front crawl with ease and without becoming breathless and exhausted is all about making your body efficient as it moves through the water. The shape that your body position creates in the water will determine how streamlined you are and therefore how much energy you require to swim. Correct hand, feet and head positions can make anyone’s body position an efficient and streamlined one, regardless of your shape and size. Try a few simple exercises and swimming tips to help you swim front crawl with effortless ease.
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How to Clear a Green Pool

From time to time, pool owners may experience a green, swampy pool problem. Many times it will be green or even black in color, and can require a great deal of effort, time and money to return to the point of swimmable. It is best to never let the pool get to that point, but if it happens, there is a step by step method that will make any swimming pool clean, clear and ready to swim again.
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Learning How To Swim: Essential Basics For Beginners To Make Learning Easier

Learning how to swim as an adult can be a frighting experience but there are some simple exercises to help those with a fear of water to relax in the swimming pool. Breathing, floating and standing up mid swim are often overlooked basics that hold back most beginners to swimming. Try three essential basic exercises that are key to relaxing and enjoying the experience of learning to swim.
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