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Tips on How to Properly Handle Pool Chemicals When Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

Pools need regular cleaning to ensure that they are in tip top shape. See, aside from being a health hazard, unsanitary practices could also significantly reduce the lifespan of your pool facility, as well as ruin the pool toys and accessories you put to use. But then again, too much cleaning could also put you and your pool at risk, since pool chemicals have been known to be quite the irritant. Nevertheless, if you are able to strike a balance and follow the right cleaning protocols, you will not have to worry about both extremes. To guide you through the process, here are some tips you could use when it comes to maintaining your inground or above ground pools.
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Swimming Equipment

Getting to the pool for a swim is easy, but what equipment do you need? This article looks at the types of equipment used in swimming. Whether it is competition or training, you will find it here.
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Sand Filters Are A Great Choice For Your Swimming Pool But How Do You Choose The Right One?

Having decided sand filters are the right way to go for your swimming pool, there is a bewildering number of makes and models to choose from. Here are some buyers tips to help you make the right choice for your pool and the people who will enjoy using it.
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Streamline Position for Competitive Swimming

This describes the basics of forming and performing the streamline in swimming. This is broken down into segments by a current competitive swimmer.
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