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Splash SuperPool Parts List

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Here is the list of parts we have for Splash SuperPool.

Splash Superpool PartsA. Male Top Rail End Piece
B. Middle Top Rail Section
C. Female Top Rail End Piece
D. Leg
E. SplashBlox
F. Stainless Steel Ring
G. Connecting Pin
H. Wall Fittings
I. Hose w/Threaded Nipple/Gasket
J. Floating Skimmer Weir
K. Skimmer Hold Down Fitting
L. Skimmer Basket
M. Skimmer
N. Vacuum Adapter Plate
O. Ball Valve
P. Eyeball Fitting

The SuperPool, the standard for the ever-growing structurally-supported above-ground pool market, is the fruit of a commitment to innovation which has been on-going for more than 30 years and tested in extreme conditions around the world. Each Splash Pool SuperPool, like all Splash Pool products, is manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen in the United States and Italy.

Splash SuperPool Above Ground Pool


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