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SplashPoolParts.com is offering 10% off all pool covers, including solar pool covers and winter pool covers. Now is the time to get your SplashPool ready for winter.  Splash Pool owners in areas where it doesn’t snow might want to consider the solar cover for their Splash Pool. Solar covers use the heat of the sun to warm the water and keep the bugs out of the pool. The solar cover reel comes in two adjustable sizes, 18 ft solar cover reel. and  the 24 ft. solar cover reel, to fit any of the solar covers.

The winter Splash Pool covers protect your pool from leaves and other debris in the cooler months that you aren’t using your pool. Can be used anytime of the year that you want to limit the access to your pool. Winter pool covers come in all sizes to fit perfectly on you Splash Super Pool, Splash Omega, and the Alpha Splash pools.

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